How Men Think About the Woman They REALLY Like

You want to know what men want…in a woman they like.  You want to know how to attract men who will actually like you and eventually love you deeply.  You need to know how men think when they are with a woman they truly like.  Well in this post, I want to give some relationship advice for anyone dating men or wanting to know how to get a man to like you.

Guys like girls and girls like guys but how do you really know, if you are dating a man that Likes You? What do guys want — or at least your guy — and is it YOU?

Understanding men is a process of learning how men think about relationships and how men think about women (and how men think about dating, which is very different from how men think about love and marriage), so let me ask you some frank questions:

1.      Does your guy really like you?

2.      How would you know if you are dating a man that really likes you and likes you for you?

3.      You may know how to attract a guy but then you wonder is it you that he likes or does your guy merely like a few things about you?

  • Your Hair
  • Your Eyes
  • Your Lips
  • Your Hips
  • Your Personality
  • Your Voice
  • Your Physical Body
  • Your Complexion
  • Your Walk
  • Your Talk
  • Your Professional Abilities/Education/Skills
  • Your Possessing the things that He Lacks (like the ability to stay connected to his mother or remember birthdays)
  • Your Smile
  • Your Resources
  • Your Job
  • Your Family Roots (in other words, your pedigree)
  • Your Connections
  • Your Sexological Makeup
  • Your Rubs/Massages
  • Your Sassy Everything

4.      Does he like a few things about you or a lot?

5.      Do you attract a guy and then start wondering if you are at the top of his Top Ten List or are you a 4, 5, or a 6 – meaning, he just puts up with you or deals with you until the next one comes around that he likes better?

6.      Do you know for a fact that your guy likes you (likes you for real)?  You can only know of course, if you know what men want — or at least what YOUR man wants — and can say that you give those things to him.

7.      Are you going by what other people say about your guy liking you?

8.      Is his liking you all in your mind? In your head? Or, is it something that you are thinking but he is not?

9.      How long does like – like, and keep liking?  Attracting men is one thing, after all, but how long after you attract a guy does his liking you last? As long as a date, a hug, a kiss, a relationship, a one nighter, an ongoing good time of sex or a wedding?

10.  How long does like continue liking?

11.  If you found out that your guy does not like you as much as you like him, would you still hold on and hang in there with him?

12.  Can you handle the truth? What if you found out that he likes some things about you and then there are other things that really, really, really turn him off? My relationship advice: don’t sweat the small stuff, focus on what lights his fire.

At some point you have to answer your own questions by saying to yourself straight up and out: Does my guy like me? Does he, huh? Does my guy really, I mean really, I mean really like me and if so, where and what is my proof?

Think about it.  Think hard…….Then click to see the rest of this life-changing article and discover What Men Want in a Woman They Like.

You can also click over to our main training site to get our team’s complete  relationship advice about dating men and even more training on how to change your life.

And don’t worry, it’s free!

What Males Men Tick


Your Choice Is Your Trouble


Darrell V. Freeman, M.A. has a Master’s Degree from Moody Graduate School, is the author of 8 books, the Founder of Joshua Counseling Center, and is a nationally-recognized keynote speaker, pastor, and workshop leader for men, couples and youth. His latest book is: What Men Want (The 30 Top Things Men Want from Women) he has also written Your Choice Is Your Trouble, that details in a no-holds-barred way how to move on after the choices you’ve made. Darrell Made # 1 on Google’s Top 10 List for How Men Think.

He is the Training Director for Project Manhood; the former Relationship Trainer for Professional Counseling Resources in Delaware and taught their Relationship Makeover Program and other dynamic courses.

Darrell has trained and spoken to thousands of men throughout the country and even helped to bring one conference from 300 to 2,000 plus male participants. See his Facebook page under Right Choice, Right Relationship,
Right Reasons or follow him on Twitter and Linkedin.


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